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Research & Development
Company started research activities from the year 1988. Infrastructure has been progressively augmented as activities  increased  over  the  years.  The  Company  had  the  privilege  of  having  renowned  scientists  namely Dr. S.C. Pokhariyal and Dr. R.L. Kapoor. Several other scientists have been working round the clock to develop new products to offer to the farmers.
Milestones Reached
1 9   hybrids   of   bajra   seeds   have   so   far   been   identified   by   the   All   India   co-ordinated   Pearl  Millet
Improvement Project namelyNandi-18 (1994), Nandi-30 (1995), Nandi-8 (1996), Nandi-32 (1997), Nandi-35 (2001), Nandi-45 (2003),Nandi-38 (2002), Nandi-52 (2004) and Nandi-62 (2007).
2 6 hybrids of bajra seeds have been notified and released by the Government of India viz. Nandi-30 (1997), Nandi-8 (1999), Nandi-32 (1999), Nandi-35 (2001), Nandi-62 (2007) and Nandi-52 (2008).
3 Many genotypes developed by our Company were included in various co-ordinated trials of AICPMIP, namelyMH-1014, MH-1078, MH-1147, MH-1187, MH-1274, MH-1309, MSH-124, MSH-146, MSH-162, MSH-163, MSH-183, MSH-184, MSH-199, NMH-70 and NMH-71.
4 Company’s research unit is an approved testing location under the All India Coordinated Pearl Millet Improvement Project since 1991.
5 Renowned scientists and many other prominent dignitaries connected with seed research field have visited our facilities and have praised the work being done.
6 The company has established very close tie with world renowned ICRISAT in terms of exchange of germplasm and exchange of trials since 1990. We were member of the ICRISAT-Private sector joint project on ‘Diversification of pearl millet hybrid parents’ from 2000 to 2004.
7 Nath Biogene (I) Ltd., one of the leading seed companies, has expressed their interest in marketing Bajra Hybrids developed by our Company under license agreement. The Company has already supplied seeds of Nandi-60 to them.
  Awards and Citation
  Our company has been bestowed upon with an award and a citation for “Best Private Seed Organization” by Society of Millet Research and Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner. This is one of the highest recognitions any seed company could get.
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