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Production and Processing
Company’s production network is spread across several states. Depending upon the suitability of agro climatic conditions for the crop, company has the network in various states. Company enjoys enviable goodwill amongst growers. Company personnel visit the production areas from time to time to ensure that the best quality parameters are maintained.
Company has fully equipped and modern seed processing units in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat. All the units have been registered with respective state’s Seeds Certification Agency.
Production Offices:
New Nandi Seeds Corporation 20, Ram Krishnan Society, Opp. Kaiwal Printing Press, Near PanchMahal Steel, Darol Station Road, Kalol – 389 330. Dist:PanchMahal (Gujarat) New Nandi Seeds Corporation N.No.12-5-416/2A, Rajesh Oil Industries Premises, Bodhan Road, Arsapally, Nizamabad – 503 186 (Andhra Pradesh) New Nandi Seeds Corporation S.Y.No. 929, A.B./ABCD/Board-17, Near Sales Check Post, Anantpur Road, Bellary – 583 103 (Karnataka)